Providing video, voice and broadband to Alabama

The Alabama Cable Telecommunications Association (ACTA) is proud of the contributions the cable industry has made to the development of video, high-speed Internet and telephone services in Alabama. In this role, Alabama’s cable industry is proud to be a key partner in our state’s education system, economic development and quality of life. 

Founded in 1965, ACTA serves as the advocate for our cable providers, operators, suppliers and programmers.

Our primary goal is providing ACTA members with a unified voice on issues affecting the cable and telecommunications industry. With the support of our members, ACTA has been able to represent our industry's perspective throughout the legislative process, whether it is policy, regulatory or taxation issues. ACTA works to ensure the industry remains competitive in the rapidly changing world of technology, information and communication services across the state.

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P.O. Box 230666
Montgomery, AL 36123

1333 Carmichael Way
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone 334.271.2281


Employs more than 2,800 people across Alabama

Delivers more than 24,000 direct & indirect jobs

Makes a total economic impact of $3.6 billion direct & indirect jobs

Contributes millions in cash, in-kind support and volunteer time to local charities and organizations

Latest Industry News

Posted January, 19 2017


Cable takes energy savings seriously. The industry introduces technologies that offer providers, manufacturers, and subscribers a way to lower costs and deliver services in new and innovative ways. Reducing cable’s energy footprint is essential to our industry remaining a trusted provider and operating as a successful, environmentally conscious business. Watch the video to learn more about how BendBroadband is committed to sustainability and energy savings.

Posted January, 11 2017


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer millions of American consumers a powerful, open experience so they can enjoy the web content, services and applications of their choosing. The broadband industry--which has invested more than $250 billion since the 1990’s to build broadband networks--has embraced and fostered the development of an open Internet. Consumers demand it and it makes good business sense to provide customers full value for their Internet connections. As a result of the U.S. bipartisan policy of lightly regulating the Internet, we have some of the most advanced networks in the world with connections capable of 300 Mbps and faster available to 85 percent of U.S. homes. Today, wired or wireless broadband reaches 99 percent of Americans, among whom include founders and creators of our nation’s top web companies and exciting startups. A continued light regulatory touch is critical in order to keep America’s broadband momentum and innovative ideas in the technology space moving forward.

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2016 Alabama Cable Show

The Cable Show was a GREAT success!!!!

Thank you to ACTA's cable operators and providers, as well as our other members of the cable team in programming, marketing and engineering. Another successful cable partnership event!