Bring on the Smart Devices

Posted February, 28 2020

Bring on the Smart Devices

It’s pretty miraculous that in 2020 you can leave your lights, your AC, and your music on when you leave the house and effortlessly turn them all off using your phone. Smart home technology has rooted itself into our lives, and a new report predicts Americans will have even more connected gadgets in 2023. According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, there will be 4.6 billion networked devices in the U.S. by 2023. Compare that to the 2.7 billion estimated in 2018 and it would be safe to assume homes will only continue to get smarter. For a little context, that means the average American in 2018 had 8.4 networked devices, and by 2023 will boast 13.6.

All this device growth is why the global cable industry has been continually investing and expanding our networks – spending over $290 billion in the past 20 years on infrastructure – and always working on new innovations. For example, to help with congestion from all these devices, ISPs are deploying Wi-Fi 6, a new technology that allows routers to efficiently manage each connection and optimize network traffic to reduce congestion. And the cable industry is even busier working on 10G, the next generation high-capacity network. 10G will offer multi-gigabit speeds delivered even more reliably and securely than ever before. So bring on the wireless speakers and smart plugs with no worries.

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