Comcast Opening WiFi Hotspots to All

Posted September, 7 2017

Comcast Opening WiFi Hotspots to All

Comcast is opening up more than a 130 WiFi hotspots in Florida to subs and non-subs alike as Hurricane Irma threatens to make landfall. It is currently a category 5 storm with winds in excess of 150 Mph, and is predicted to be a category 4 (in the 120 Mph range) when/if it hits Florida this weekend.

Florida governor Rick Scott informed residents about the free Comcast hotspots as part of a press conference Wednesday about the approaching storm. In a follow-up press conference he added that AT&T and Verizon are also helping with hot spots.

Evacuations along the coast are already underway just in case and in the lengthening shadow of Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas.

By John Eggerton

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