The Future is 10G

Posted October, 10 2022

The Future is 10G

Future of Super-Fast Internet

Building Broadband's Future

Having a high-speed internet connection at home opens up a world of opportunity. It is essential for school assignments, remote work, communicating with friends and family and so much more. While broadband service is now available to most Americans, an estimated 10 million people still don't have access, primarily in remote and rural areas. And too many families with access to the internet don’t subscribe.

The cable industry has built gigabit speed networks that reach most of America and we are working to extend access to communities that are being connected for the first time. With a focused effort on reaching the unserved, the goal of connecting all Americans is finally within reach.

Why it Matters

We know that with fast and reliable internet comes a world of opportunity, so we're working to lift up all of America, by connecting every community.

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