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Posted July, 14 2022

The Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program Overview

Where we are today and where we're going...

Posted July, 14 2022

Digital Equity Act Programs Overview

Where we are today and where we're going...

Posted July, 13 2022

Internet company providing 1-gig internet to Russell, parts of Lee County

An internet service company called BEAM is in the process of providing faster internet to rural areas in Russell and Lee County.

Posted February, 7 2022

The Road to Connecting All Americans Starts With Prioritizing the Unserved

With last year's federal infrastructure package highlighting the critical necessity to build out broadband networks to unserved communities, the focus now turns to ensuring that the funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) are disbursed to those areas that are truly in need of fast, reliable and affordable broadband service. As the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) oversees the implementation of the BIL, NCTA has submitted comments about how NTIA can best adopt rules that prioritize funding for projects that will connect unserved and underserved areas, all while avoiding unnecessary waste, fraud, and abuse of these funds.

Posted January, 14 2022

Broadband Prices Are Trailing Far Behind Inflation

America has an inflation problem. Consumer demand for goods and services is driving an increase in prices (the definition of inflation) to rates not seen since 1982. In December 2021, price increases for used cars jumped 37%, gasoline skyrocketed nearly 50%, and groceries climbed about 7% relative to December of the previous year. These increases are felt by all Americans.

Posted January, 12 2022

Broadband Stats: Americans Are Satisfied With Their Internet Service

Over the past two decades, internet speeds have dramatically increased, with many Americans now having access to gigabit speed networks. That increase is thanks to the over $300 billion invested by cable internet service providers (ISPs) in critical infrastructure, and has meant that capacity and speed have stayed ahead of the curve. A new report from Leichtman Research Group shows that Americans are satisfied with their internet service and experience.

Posted December, 8 2021

What Cable's Broadband Network Performance During COVID Means for America

A new study that examines U.S. broadband network performance during the COVID-19 pandemic finds that America's broadband networks passed their biggest stress test ever with flying colors when the internet experienced unprecedented surges in traffic during the worst phases of the global health crisis.

Posted August, 10 2021

How Broadband Networks Fared During the Internet's Biggest Stress Test Ever

As America (hopefully) begins its climb out of the COVID-19 pandemic and many offices and schools are reopening, it's worth reflecting over the past 17 months how broadband networks performed and enabled our country to stay engaged and productive during this unprecedented public health crisis. After all, considering how quickly stay-at-home orders forced tens of millions of workers and students home, COVID-19 was undoubtedly the biggest stress test that the internet has ever faced.

Posted July, 15 2021

New Study Examines Internet Traffic Patterns and Bandwidth Requirements

As America climbs out of the COVID-19 pandemic, cable's broadband networks continue to prove their ability to handle unprecedented spikes in internet traffic—from the state lockdowns of last spring when more people than ever before connected online, to the present day as businesses and schools begin to experiment with new hybrid working models. But no matter what the “new normal” will be, one certainty is the importance of a reliable and robust broadband connection.

Posted June, 16 2021

Rural Broadband

Broadband For All Americans

Posted May, 13 2021

Americans Highly Satisfied With Broadband Service

Recent polling by Morning Consult shows that Americans are overwhelmingly satisfied with their home internet service and are confident that broadband providers will continue to improve their networks to meet future needs. Consumers also favor targeted solutions to closing the remaining broadband gaps including dedicating government funding first to areas without any broadband service and permanently funding a subsidy to help low-income Americans purchase broadband service.

Posted January, 27 2021

How Broadband Networks Enable Telehealth for Patients and Providers

In 2020, millions of Americans adjusted to video conferencing for work, school, socialization and more. But what about for healthcare? Yes, video-visits with doctors peaked in popularity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, nearly 1 in 5 U.S. households still reported that they had at least one member who was unable to get care or was forced to delay care for a serious condition.

Posted January, 6 2021

Cable Broadband Networks Continue to Outperform

The cable industry has been at the forefront of reporting how well its broadband networks have performed in delivering and accommodating the unprecedented surges in traffic that occurred when COVID-19 closed down businesses and schools, and as working, learning, and healthcare all shifted to residential networks instantaneously.

Posted June, 16 2020

A Common Sense Fix to Speed Broadband Deployment to Unserved Communities

The benefits of having a reliable high-speed broadband connection have never been as apparent as they are now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted May, 27 2020

Alabama students win $25k in scholarships from Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast NBCUniversal announced that it has awarded approximately $25,000 in scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year to 10 Alabama students as part of its annual Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program.

Posted May, 5 2020

Taxpayer Broadband Dollars Should Go To Unserved Rural Areas, ACBA Says

ACBA said today that it welcomes additional investment of federal relief dollars for improved broadband access in Alabama, but cautioned that such funds should be aimed solely at the state’s unserved customers and without preference for a specific technology.

Posted April, 16 2020

Peak Broadband Traffic Continues to Remain Steady

The Hard Work of Keeping Americans Connected to the Internet

Posted April, 1 2020

NCTA Member Companies Commit to Over $100 Million in COVID-19 Public Service Advertising

Member companies of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association today announced they would provide over $100 million in public service advertising through June to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and educate consumers about the impact of the pandemic.

Posted March, 26 2020

Cable Providers want more Rural Alabamians to have High-speed Internet for “New Normal”

Cable Providers want more Rural Alabamians to have High-speed Internet for “New Normal” of Online School and Work

Posted March, 20 2020

Alabama Cable Providers Seek Investment of $13 Million in Broadband Expansion

Alabama cable providers plan to invest more than $13 million to bring broadband telecommunications services to rural Alabama citizens who do not yet have high speed internet services.

Posted March, 14 2020

Alabama Cable Providers Expanding Broadband Services to Students and Low-Income Customers during Pandemic.

Alabama’s cable providers are rolling out no-cost and low-cost options for high-speed internet access to the state’s students and low-income populations hit hardest by closures and other impacts from COVID-19 pandemic precautions.

Posted February, 28 2020

Bring on the Smart Devices

Smart home technology has rooted itself into our lives, and a new report predicts Americans will have even more connected gadgets in 2023.

Posted January, 31 2020

How Technology and Content Define the Future of Television

Technology is everywhere. Today’s consumers experience it wherever they go, with smart assistants that sit on countertops to wearable devices that monitor heartrates, and so much more.

Posted December, 30 2019

Reflecting on 2019's Significant Industry Moments

As we approach the end of 2019, and get ready for what will be a busy 2020, we wanted to highlight some key initiatives and milestones that cable providers and TV networks achieved over the last year.

Posted August, 9 2019

Comcast's Internet Essentials Connects 8 Million People

Comcast announced this week that its broadband adoption program, Internet Essentials, has connected more than eight million people who qualify for low-cost internet service since the program's inception in 2011.

Posted June, 28 2019

Live TV Still Strong Among American Viewers

Cable programmers have invested over $430 billion over the past two decades to bring viewers the award-winning shows that they love, and there are more scripted programs today than there ever have been.

Posted March, 25 2019

ACA Connects’ Name Change Unveiled At 26th Summit

More Than 350 Attendees, Sold-Out Exhibit Hall, Scores of Government Office Visits Highlighted ACA Connects' Annual D.C. Gathering

Posted March, 19 2019

C-SPAN Celebrates 40 Years

C-SPAN Celebrates 40 Years With New Look

Posted March, 4 2019

Big News.... ACTA is ACBA!

After more than 50 years under the banner of the Alabama Cable Telecommunications Association, the state’s trade association for the cable industry has updated its name to the Alabama Cable and Broadband Association!

Posted January, 5 2019

CableLabs Gives a Sneak Peek of the Innovation Trends to Look for in 2019

2019 is here, and it’s exciting to think about what new technology and media experiences might be in store for everyone in the next 12 months.

Posted December, 13 2018

Cable ONE to Rebrand as Sparklight™

Cable One, Inc. announced that it will be rebranding as Sparklight beginning in the summer of 2019.

Posted May, 23 2018

TV Programmers Embrace New Ways of Viewing Via Apps

TV Everywhere usage is up, as CTAM’s TVE tracking survey recently found, and TV content creators are driving viewership through offering more types of programming via their apps than ever before.

Posted April, 30 2018

What the Internet Means for Human Relationships

Last year, NCTA partnered with TED and Miracle Messages, a non-profit that reunites homeless people with their loved ones through social media and video messages, to produce a video on how fast internet is making an impact on human relationships.

Posted April, 26 2018

A Look Back at Streaming TV and Where We Are Now

Say time travel was possible and you go back to 2007. Someone takes out their first iPhone, and you notice something missing. They can't watch that big game live because the WatchESPN app hasn’t been invented yet.

Posted April, 13 2018

Protecting Consumers in the Digital Age

Two days of Congressional hearings this week about the data collection and sharing practices of Facebook have ignited a critical national conversation about online privacy and the dangers that stem from the power of large tech firms to build, use, and share detailed profiles of consumer behavior and track them across the internet.

Posted March, 14 2018

Getting More American Families Online

It's easy to take the internet for granted.

Posted January, 22 2018

Cable ONE GigaONE Gigabit Service Now Available in 200+ Cities Across the United States

Gigabit service is now available to residential customers across more than 95 percent of its legacy footprint, making more than 200 communities across the country, “Gigabit cities.”

Posted January, 22 2018


Streaming’s live-TV bundles aren’t actually saving cord-cutters money compared to cable

Posted November, 21 2017

Dr. Rickey Luke, CTO and Vice President, engineering with Cable TV of East Alabama, inducted into SCTE-ISBE Hall of Fame.

During the Cable-Tec Expo 2017, Dr. Rickey Luke, CTO and Vice President, engineering with Cable TV of East Alabama, was inducted into the SCTE-ISBE Hall of Fame.

Posted November, 10 2017

Cable Offers Career Pathways for Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day coming up later this week, members of the internet and television community are paying tribute in many ways to the men and women who have made sacrifices for our country.

Posted November, 6 2017

Comcast boosting internet speeds in Mobile

Comcast is bringing faster internet speeds to customers in Mobile.

Posted November, 6 2017

Comcast is upping Alabama customers’ internet speeds for FREE

Comcast announced today that they’re boosting internet speeds for about 80 percent of Alabama (Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Gadsden, Mobile) customers– at no additional cost.

Posted November, 1 2017

From CableLabs: Cable's Role in Cybersecurity

The cable industry does more than just provide internet connectivity for millions of customers: it also plays an active role in driving security in the broader internet ecosystem.

Posted November, 1 2017

New Comcast Feature Helps Families Bond

It's the usual scene at the family dinner table. Everyone is either glued to their phones as plates are being passed around, or sitting within arms-reach of their devices, ready to grab them the moment a new text or email comes through.

Posted September, 8 2017


New York, NY (September 6TH, 2017) – Sean “Diddy” Combs, Chairman of REVOLT MEDIA AND TV, and COMBS ENTERPRISES, announced today that Roma Khanna will be joining REVOLT MEDIA AND TV as its new CEO.

Posted September, 7 2017

Comcast Opening WiFi Hotspots to All

Comcast is opening up more than a 130 WiFi hotspots in Florida to subs and non-subs alike as Hurricane Irma threatens to make landfall.

Posted August, 31 2017

Mediacom Begins Rollout of Gigabit Service in Gulf Coast

Mediacom has announced it's bringing 1 Gig Internet speeds to South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Posted June, 26 2017

Comcast adding 600 new wi-fi hotspots in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa

Comcast says it is deploying 600 new outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots in popular locations in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa.

Posted May, 15 2017

Charter offering low-cost, high-speed internet service

Charter offering low-cost, high-speed internet service to low-income Birmingham residents

Posted May, 10 2017

America’s two biggest cable companies just struck a deal.

America’s two biggest cable companies just struck a deal. Here’s how it will affect you.

Posted May, 2 2017



Posted April, 17 2017

Mediacom joins the Huntsville gigabit fray with DOCSIS 3.1 plan

One day after Comcast announced plans to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 internet services to Huntsville, Alabama, Mediacom said it would also bring DOCSIS 3.1 to the city, along with other parts of northern Alabama and southern Tennessee.

Posted March, 24 2017

President Trump Meets with Charter Communications CEO Thomas Rutledge

Today at the White House, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge announced that we’re building on our commitments to invest in America’s infrastructure and create good paying jobs here at home.

Posted March, 8 2017

Capturing All That Cable Offers

Cable. It is more than TV. It's how we connect. By: NCTA

Posted February, 16 2017

Mediacom Communications Launches Gigabit Broadband in Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee Markets Huntsville Area Residents to be Among First in Nation to Benefit from New Generation of Cable Industry Technology

Huntsville, AL – February 15, 2017 – Mediacom Communications today announced the company has launched 1 Gig Internet speeds across its entire Huntsville area service territory. As a result, residents and small businesses in the northern Alabama and southern Tennessee communities passed by Mediacom’s fiber-rich digital network will be able to enjoy download speeds that are up to 40 times faster than the minimum broadband definition set by the Federal Communications Commission.

Posted February, 16 2017


The Internet is a platform of possibilities that is powered by robust broadband networks providing constant connectivity at home or on the go. It thrives thanks to openness, broad access, and strong investment. But it didn't happen by accident. By: NCTA

Posted February, 14 2017


Wi-Fi is so much a part of our connected society that most people say a week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee. More than 85 million American households have Wi-Fi access points. And the number of Wi-Fi devices is even higher—more than a billion are expected to be in the marketplace by 2019. But this ever-growing demand for Wi-Fi has outpaced supply—as anyone who tries to get on the Internet in a busy Starbucks has probably discovered, Wi-Fi spectrum is quickly becoming congested.

Posted January, 19 2017


Cable takes energy savings seriously. The industry introduces technologies that offer providers, manufacturers, and subscribers a way to lower costs and deliver services in new and innovative ways. Reducing cable’s energy footprint is essential to our industry remaining a trusted provider and operating as a successful, environmentally conscious business. Watch the video to learn more about how BendBroadband is committed to sustainability and energy savings.

Posted January, 11 2017


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer millions of American consumers a powerful, open experience so they can enjoy the web content, services and applications of their choosing. The broadband industry--which has invested more than $250 billion since the 1990’s to build broadband networks--has embraced and fostered the development of an open Internet. Consumers demand it and it makes good business sense to provide customers full value for their Internet connections. As a result of the U.S. bipartisan policy of lightly regulating the Internet, we have some of the most advanced networks in the world with connections capable of 300 Mbps and faster available to 85 percent of U.S. homes. Today, wired or wireless broadband reaches 99 percent of Americans, among whom include founders and creators of our nation’s top web companies and exciting startups. A continued light regulatory touch is critical in order to keep America’s broadband momentum and innovative ideas in the technology space moving forward.

Posted December, 27 2016


If you’re like me, the end of the year means eagerly reading every “best of” list you can get your hands on. This probably also results in your “must watch” list tripling in length.

Posted December, 8 2016

Entire Mediacom Communications Broadband Network to be Gigabit-Ready by Year End

Mediacom Park, NY – December 7, 2016 – Mediacom Communications today announced the company’s entire broadband network will be gigabit-capable by the end of 2016. Mediacom will become the first major U.S. cable company to fully transition to the DOCSIS 3.1 “Gigasphere” platform, the latest generation of broadband technology

Posted December, 7 2016


Cyber Monday had its strongest showing in history, with consumers spending $3.45 billion online.

Posted November, 16 2016


The latest Morning Consult survey shows that 84 percent of respondents use Wi-Fi when connecting to the internet at home.

Posted October, 11 2016

INTX: The Internet and Television Expo

For 65 years, NCTA has hosted a trade show --

Posted September, 19 2016

The New NCTA is Here

We've changed our look but our mission remains the same. Welcome to the home of NCTA - The Internet & Television Association.

Posted September, 12 2016

Apps are the Future of TV

Watch this video from ACTA

Posted September, 6 2016

The History of Speed as the Internet Turns 25

This week marks the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. Though there had been networks of computers within research institutions and defense agencies, access was restricted. But on August 23, 1991 CERN opened its network to the public, establishing the World Wide Web.

Posted July, 19 2016


Internet Essentials to Reach More Than 40 Percent of All HUD-Assisted Households Nationwide

Posted July, 5 2016

For Milennials, Watching TV Means Something Totally Different

Every Sunday night, my group of friends gathers together, brings snacks, and gets cozy to watch Game of Thrones as it airs. This marks one of the few times in the week that any of us will watch live TV, save for some episodes of Broad City or the news. According to the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report, this is the norm for younger audiences.

Posted June, 22 2016

Comcast NBCUniversal Donates $1 Million to OneOrlando Fund

The world continues to reflect on the horrible tragedy that occurred in Orlando this past week, home to so many Universal Orlando Resort, Telemundo, Comcast Cable and Golf Channel team members. On behalf of all those team members, Comcast NBCUniversal is donating $1 million to the OneOrlando Fund.

Posted June, 7 2016

ACA Commends Mediacom For Asking FCC To Curb Programmer Abuses

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka issues statement regarding Mediacom's July 21 petition at the Federal Communications Commission seeking to counter anti-competitive practices by broadcasters and other industry programmers.

Posted June, 7 2016

The Federal Communications Commission Approves Charter’s Merger With Time Warner Cable And Acquisition Of Bright House Networks

Charter Communications, Inc. received approval from the Federal Communications Commission for its merger with Time Warner Cable Inc. and acquisition of Bright House Networks.

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